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Who are we ?

We are passionnated by this particular cats , the British Shorthair, not only because they are full of harmony, but because their temper is very lovely. We belong to that kind of persons to whom a home, a family and cats are the ingredients for a happy and equilibrated way of life.

Curious of everything, playing with everything, the British Shorthair are very easy to live, don't need too much care, get easily used to all ways of life. They share their life with children and other animals as dogs. They are very clever and faithful pets participating to the life of the family. So we live with them in our house.

A perfect body, very round, orange eyes round like balls give them an astonished look and the thick velvet of their very shiny fur makes them fascinating and...decorating !

If we wanted to describe this race of cats in a few words, so that you could make an idea of what they are, we could say all simply that they seem to come out of a mariage between a cat and a teddy bear !!

Before leaving, our kittens are fully vaccinated: two injections against: Feline Calcivirus, F. Vital Rhino Thracheitis, F. Panlukopenia and Leukemia.
They get a LOOF pedigree.

Rabies will be done for foreign countries.
All the adults are Felv-FIV tested each year.

Our kittens are PKD free. All the parents or grand parents have been PKD tested with DNA. All our cattery is non carrier of the genetic defect.


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